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A Shinn Show

A Shinn Show is a production of Shinnfluence, and features the voices and opinions of the Shinn family (it's... their own opinions, nobody else's).

Sep 30, 2019

Nick and Sara judge Pete and Elsie as a couple of terrible people, Nick challenges the family to eat grasshoppers cooked cajun style, and Pete wishes a soft-tissue injury on a specific football player to boost his fantasy chances!

Sep 23, 2019

The Shinn family answers the questions of their only listener, and each other's, on this special, revelatory edition!

Sep 16, 2019

Hear Nick rant about the misinformation spread about him last week, listen to Pete disclose his traumatic sixth-grade paddling experience, why he's the worst fantasy football player of all time, and why everyone should go eff themselves!

Sep 9, 2019

Listen to Pete ovulate as women finally outnumber men on the pod, and we hear why Sara Murphy is a big improvement on Nick's BS MMA analysis!

Sep 1, 2019

The Shinn Family skinnies down to just Pete and Nick to talk serial killers, Harry Potter plot holes, and make there sure-fire college and pro football predictions!