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A Shinn Show

A Shinn Show is a production of Shinnfluence, and features the voices and opinions of the Shinn family (it's... their own opinions, nobody else's).

Oct 27, 2019

Sara tells a tale of murder most foul, Nick and Pete share their special Halloween cackles, and Elsie gets real with the domestic violence crisis hotline number!

Oct 20, 2019

What starts as a special father-daughter episode quickly devolves into a seasonal celebration of funerals and pumpkin spice!

Oct 14, 2019

Nick describes the many ways he injures co-workers, Pete solves the Jack the Ripper mystery, the whole family does their best to get banned by China, and the whole family becomes dictator for a day!

Oct 7, 2019

Uncle Guy returns, the whole family answers excellent listener questions and Nick unveils his inaugural "Restaurant Etiquette" segment!