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A Shinn Show

A Shinn Show is a production of Shinnfluence, and features the voices and opinions of the Shinn family (it's... their own opinions, nobody else's).

Aug 30, 2020

Deviant spouses, pedophile cops and fun personal news!

Aug 24, 2020

Sara has a dog crisis, Nick sees Shia LeBoef's worst performance ever, Pete quits work, Elsie quits parenting, and rabid mimes!

Aug 17, 2020

Pete answers the door to (the?) Messiah, Nick founds a street school, Noah tries to give his ex-girlfriend a cat, and Guy's billing everyone he owes money!

Aug 10, 2020

Spoiler Alert: the middle class Shinns think the future looks pretty good... the working-class Shinns think we're circling the drain, while Pete demonstrates why he's the worst father ever!

Aug 4, 2020

Pete can't pronounce Isaias, Elsie gets a visit from some deputies, Nick hates birthdays, and Sara is planning her chicken palace!